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Virtual Museum “Kazimir Malevich” by NEZHINSKY

X-museum "K. Malevich" is a new form of presentation of an art product that raises the issue of globalization in cultural processes in the world.

It is an alternative platform for the presentation of the artist’s work. It aims to achieve the integrity of the world heritage of K. Malevich by creating the digital museum of his works. Because in the modern world there are many political issues regarding the name of Kazimir Malevich, there are many disputes about the nationality of Malevich and his collection. But such things devalue important cultural heritage, causing its acquisition to be “scattered”.

X-museum "K. Malevich" is an independent platform that aims to combine 1). K. Malevich's art objects, which are located all over the world in museums and private collections. (it is planned to create a base of objects, from which it will be possible to build various expositions online). 2) artistic initiatives related to the heritage of Kazimir Malevich. 3). a forum of world experts and researchers working with the topic of K. Malevich. The collection will be filled by digitizing the works by K. Malevich and integrating new artistic solutions of contemporary artists and a forum of experts.